Version 0.15.0 beta patch notes
Shop and Inventory
  • New titles and shields are now available to purchase from the shop.
  • Items are now sorted in reverse chronological order in both the inventory (most recent purchase first) and the shop (latest items first).
  • New control settings have been added allowing players to quickly switch to global channel and team channel.
  • Guest players can not chat in the global channel from now onwards. Subsequently, "Allow messages from guests" chatbox setting has been removed.
  • Players are now alerted through notification when they try to send a chat message in team channel when they are not in any team.
User Interface
  • Responsiveness of settings menu has been improved specially for smaller sized screens.
  • Added a little winter touch to the UI.
  • Other miscellaneous changes
Bugs and exploits
  • Fixed a bug where choosing theme category in setting menu did not fade out the right half of the menu overlay.
  • In spectate mode, hovering cursor on a player orb now will not highlight the player if no controls are bound for target spectating.
  • Fixed a bug where the main menu opened up of a split second when the game window came into focus again.
  • Fixed a chatbox bug where the game crashed if it was not in focus and the player received a certain amount of messages.
  • Fixed a bug where the game failed to load in the Safari web browser.
  • Patched an exploit which allowed users to spam the commander.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the tournament servers to randomly crash.
  • Players now get a full screen alert instead of a small alert box if the game detects issues related to the graphics processing unit.
  • Anti bot protection has been improved.